• Lecture before concert: Joannes Baptista Dolar (1621-1673) a Prominent Slovene Composer active in Vienna youtu.be/ECwhLqGDCYc January 26th, 2024, Vienna Lutheran Church
  • Organ Masterclass, November 19th-21st 2023, Krakow Music University/Poland
  • Improvisation Lecture and Recital for EUROPEAN PIANO TEACHERS ASSOCIATION (EPTA) November 10th 2023, Trieste / ITALY
  • Improvisation Masterclass at Ljubljana Conservatory, October 19+20, 2023
  • Organ Masterclass Prague/CZ October 14th-16th 2023
  • Improvisation Masterclass, February 25th, 2023, Music School Tolmin/SLO
  • Improvisation Masterclass, March 25th, 2022, VELENJE Music conservatoire/ Slovenia
  • Interpretation Masterclass at University GYÖR, Hungary (Piano, Harpsichord, Fortepiano, Organ, Basso continuo) Februar 17-19, 2022
  • Music Academy Ljubljana: Masterclass Organ Repertoire and Improvisation with JEREMY JOSEPH (MDW) MARTON BORSANYI (MDW) & DALIBOR MIKLAVČIČ (AG UL) September 29th – October 1st 2021
  • Improvisation masterclass Celje-Sv. Jožef/Slovenia May 28-29, 2021
  • Masterclass University of Timisoara October 16&17, 2020
  • Ljubljana Music Academy, September 7-9, 2020: Masterclass with Márton Borsányi, Dalibor Miklavčič, Miha Haas, Egon Mihajlović and others.
    For further details please visit: http://www.pedal-forum.com/masterclass/
  • Ferrara Conservatory/Italy: Masterclass Pedalfügel, Pedalclavecymbel & Organ, May 21-23, 2019
  • Improvisation Masterclass Ljubljana St. Stanislaus Institute April 10, 2019
  • Improvisation masterclass Celje-Sv. Jožef/Slovenia March 1&2, 2019
  • Improvisation Masterclass Ljubljana DSCG November 24, 2018
  • Improvisation masterclass Celje-Sv. Jožef/Slovenia January 20th 2018
  • St. Petersburg, State Conservatory Rimsky-Korsakov: “German Baroque, Bach, German romanticism” Dec5th 2017
  • EPTA Slovenia: Lecture on historic keyboard instruments, Velenje, November 25th 2017
  • 2017 KEYBOARD ACADEMY LJUBLJANA (KAL), Sept. 21-25/26 IMPROVISATION – in coperation with Casa de Kamna
  • Croatia Novigrad&Rovinj/ Masterclass “Crno-bijeli svijet” March 1-3 2017
  • Graz/ Kunstuniversität Graz – Masterclass, January 2017:
    Pedalflügel, Pedalcembalo, Organ Interpretation and Tunings (featuring a special new tool “DynTune”, developed @ KUG Graz)
  • Toulouse, Festival Toulouse les Orgues, October 2015:
    Lecture & concert with a restored Pleyel – Piano Pédalier 
  • Warsaw, Fryderyk Chopin University of Music, May 20-25 2015:
    Pedal Piano and Pedal Harpsichord – Idiom, Repertoire & Interpretation
  • Copenhagen, Royal Danish Academy of Music, January 21-23, 2015:
    Inauguration recital on a restored Pleyel Pédalier, Lecture “The Pedal Piano, its Developement and Role“, Lecture-Recital (Bach, Schumann, Brahms, Liszt, Franck, Rachmaninov a.o.) & Workshop “Basic Observations on Repertoire, Playing Technique and Instrumental Idiom”
  • St. Petersburg State Conservatory Rimsky-Korsakov: North German Baroque, Bach, German romanticism; October 2014 (concert Oct. 22 http://www.art-assemblies.ru/projects/37/161/599/)
  • Moscow State Conservatory P.I.Tchaikovsky/Russia, Masterclass with Dalibor Miklavčič BACH AND GERMAN ROMANTICS; October 2014
  • Ljubljana/Slovenia: September 25-28, 2014 Masterclass THE ROMANTIC PEDALFLÜGEL, its repertoire and idiom – THE PEDAL HARPSICHORD, its repertoire and relations to Organ, Clavichord and Modern Piano
    INFO: http://www.pedal-forum.com/keyboard-academy-ljubljana-2014/ 
  • MASTERCLASS for VIENNA UNIVERSITY of MUSIC (MDW) & Bildungshaus St. Pölten, Feb 2-8, 2014, details:
  • PARIS, Cité de la Musique: November 21-23 2013, a recital on pedal piano (Bach, Schumann, Alkan a.o.), and a lecture for colloque Alkan: “PIANO PÉDALIER IN CONTEXT OF  EUROPEAN TRADITION OF KEYBOARD INSTRUMENTS WITH PEDAL
  • International Summer Masterclass “Pučišća” August 16th – 21st, 2013, Island BRAČ (Adriatic Sea/Croatia). Historic keyboards: organ interpretation (also at organ-related instruments pedal piano, pedal harpsichord, clavichord…) historic piano, harpsichord, as well as idiomatically influenced stylistic improvisation on all keyboards
    Applying form: http://www.music-school-pucisca.com/register.html
  • Budapest/Hungary, http://mupa.hu/en/  February 2013 for Ferenc Liszt Music Academy (classes for organ, piano, harpsichord; to enroll, contact the Academy directly) in the Palace of Arts after the recital: http://mupa.hu/en/program/pedal-parade-organ-concert-by-dalibor-miklav-i-2013-02-24_19-30-bbnh
  • Pécs/Hungary, Music Academy of the Pécs University: a concert and an Interpretation Masterclass for organ and piano classes, February 2013
  • Zagreb/Croatia, Academy of Music: February & March 2013 (for organists and harpsichordists)
  • Moscow State Conservatory P.I.Tchaikovsky/Russia, May 2012
  • London/United Kingdom: RCO-Academy & The Royal College November 2011 http://rco.org.uk/events.php?eventid=214
  • Göteborg/Sweden: University of Music and Drama Nov 10th 2011
  • Vienna Conservatory/Austria: December 15th (concert) & 16th 2011 http://www.konservatorium-wien.ac.at/veranstaltungen/uebersicht/veranstaltung-details/event/201112161000/raritaeten-neues-fuer-historische-auffuehrungspraxis-workshop-mit-dalibor-miklavcic/
  • Monopoli/Italy: Conservatory NINO ROTA June 24-28 2012
  • Timisoara/Romania: University “de Vest din Timisoara” June 29-July 1 2012
  • Belgrade, Catholic Cathedral: Dies Organorum Masterclass July 2-5 2012
  • International Summer Masterclass “Pučišća” August 10th – 20th, 2012, Island BRAČ in the Adriatic Sea/Croatia. Details: http://dalibor-miklavcic.com/pucisca-2012